Feeding and management during late pregnancy can determine the success of the lambing season.  During those last 4-6 weeks approximately 70{c4b16cffeea83eeca6fb76ff8acf7b78fcca07ddcad51845f1820b90a8ecc89a} of foetal growth occurs, this causes a physical decrease in rumen capacity. Despite this the ewe’s requirement for protein and energy can increase by 60{c4b16cffeea83eeca6fb76ff8acf7b78fcca07ddcad51845f1820b90a8ecc89a} to support foetal growth, mammary development and colostrum production.  The New Breed formulated ewe feed range has therefore been designed to provide the right nutrient requirements in a more nutrient dense diet. All diets contain 150Mg/kg of Vitamin E aimed to enhance lamb vigour and avoid retained placentas or difficult lambing’s, excluding the Ewe Lac which has a slightly lower inclusion rate. All diets come in a nut or roll form:

  • The Ewe Lac is a Wheatfeed based 16{c4b16cffeea83eeca6fb76ff8acf7b78fcca07ddcad51845f1820b90a8ecc89a} protein diet. Suitable for the hill type breed and contains only nutritionally valuable ingredients.
  • Alternatively the Maize Ewe is a 18{c4b16cffeea83eeca6fb76ff8acf7b78fcca07ddcad51845f1820b90a8ecc89a} protein diet, popular amongst the Hill type breeds scanning at a high lambing percentage. Due to high energy raw materials and the inclusion of Megalac, this diet should aid increased lamb birth weight and some research suggests larger birth weights lead to fewer days to slaughter. It contains good sources of rumen degradable protein through 10{c4b16cffeea83eeca6fb76ff8acf7b78fcca07ddcad51845f1820b90a8ecc89a} Beans.
  • Our most popular is the Ewe Plus, at 18{c4b16cffeea83eeca6fb76ff8acf7b78fcca07ddcad51845f1820b90a8ecc89a} Protein provides a good nutritional plane to the Half Bred ewes and larger Lowland breeds. It contains Protected Rape, providing a good energy source. Alongside the inclusion of Megalac, which increases colostrum quality and quantity which is important when lambing indoors and new born lambs are challenged with bacteria’s such as E.coli causing problems like Watery Mouth. The best quality raw materials are included.
  • Soya Max at 18{c4b16cffeea83eeca6fb76ff8acf7b78fcca07ddcad51845f1820b90a8ecc89a} Protein and with a 10{c4b16cffeea83eeca6fb76ff8acf7b78fcca07ddcad51845f1820b90a8ecc89a} inclusion of Soya producing a good colostrum quality in the ewe and can be fed right through the pre and a post-partum period.