Our Dairy Services

Our business is making sure you have the products and knowledge to ensure your cows are the most productive they can be.
We at New Breed UK have a passion for nutrition that goes far beyond silage samples and formulating rations. Our holistic approach to the modern dairy farm allows us to utilize all the teams’ skills to deliver the results that you the customer want.

Our unique attitude to rationing and the innovative products we use backed by solid research enable our customers to reap the full benefits of dealing with one of the UK’s largest independent firms.

The services we can provide to work alongside our customers to optimize the performance of your herd include:

  • Diet Check – New Breeds unique ration balancing programme.
  • Dairy Costings – Our monthly reports are produced on farm enabling us to discuss the herd performance and take any necessary action during our visit.
  • Cow Walking – Our own special brand of cow observations unites theory and practice, providing a winning formula.
  • Forage Analysis – Visual and chemical providing accurate information
  • InterHerd Reports – InterHerd combines the features necessary to manage a progressive dairy herd with an adaptable event structure, a flexible reporting system and advanced analysis techniques to make InterHerd a simple-to-use tool for farmers and nutritionists that really packs a punch!
  • Lactation Graphs – This provides data on how each monthly calving group are performing allowing us to make adjustments to diets as required.
  • Bulk Milk Mineral Testing – Milk for some trace elements can be a guide to the mineral status of the cow. Monthly testing allows us to monitor any changes in the cow.
  • Soil Analysis – Starting right at the beginning helping save money on fertilizer and ensuring new seeds get off to the best possible start.
  • Silage Clamp Measurements – Calculating the amount of forage available for the winter is key to putting a ration together.
  • Silage Temperature Testing – We check the temperature of silage both at the clamp face and in the trough to ensure high temperatures are not restricting intakes.
  • Dung Sieving – Rinsing dung through a sieve