Calf rearing is a vital component to the Dairy business, these are the future of your herd and it is so important we get it right from the starting blocks.

Devenish Milk Powder:

We work closely alongside our suppliers to provide the best products and service on farm. This includes calf milk replacers.

We work closely with Devenish Nutrition; a Northern Irish based Agri-Technology Company who, alongside other products, formulate a range of calf milk replacers:

Devenish Heifer Start is a skim based calf milk replacer, specifically formulated to ensure heifer replacements reach their genetic potential. Containing a unique blend of skim and sweetened whey powders, five essential oils and unique hydrolysed yeast Devenish Progut® Rumen, Devenish Heifer Start ensures heifers reach daily growth targets to maximise future profitability. Devenish Heifer Start contains palm, coconut, rape, soya and linseed oils, improving fat digestion and utilisation. Linseed oil is also high in Omega-3, improving the calf’s immature immune system and reducing inflammation.

Devenish Gold is a whey based calf milk replacer, designed for rearing bought-in dairy and beef calves. Containing entirely sweetened whey powder, four essential oils and Devenish Progut® Rumen, Devenish Gold is a high quality, cost effective calf milk replacer. Devenish Gold is formulated using entirely sweetened whey powder – this contains superior protein levels compared to other whey sources, and is more palatable for young calves thus encouraging intakes. Devenish Gold contains palm, coconut, rape and soya oils, providing energy for consistent growth.

Both Devenish calf milk replacers contain Progut® Rumen, unique hydrolysed yeast scientifically proven to improve immune status and early rumen development in calves. Progut® Rumen helps to bind pathogens such as E.coli and Salmonella in the gut, reducing the incidence of scour and improving health status. Progut® Rumen also provides soluble, bioactive simple sugars which help to modulate the immune system. Progut® Rumen also assists the uptake of vaccinations, and helps early rumen development.

For more information about Devenish calf milk replacers, please contact a New Breed UK representative.

Bio-Starter Calf Pellets:

Our Bio-Starter calf and Nutra heifer diets have been carefully developed over the past 12 months to provide the right feed at each stage of the next generation’s growth.

Bio-Starter calf feeds are available in both a calf coarse mix and pellet, we also successfully trialled our Bio-Starter calf nut.  All of these diets have a sound nutritional base, using a careful balance of highly digestible fibre, synchronised starch and sugars and high DUP content protein sources. The outcome of this balance is superior development of the rumen papillae through increased absorption and utilization of butyrate and propionate.

Coarse Calf Mix + Yeast

The importance of starter feed is critical in rumen development, in the first six weeks of life the calf is at their most efficient this can be achieved using this top quality coarse mixture. The mix has a high inclusion of Flaked Beans, Maize Flakes, Barley flakes and Alfalfa. Only the best ingredients have been chosen for palatability and nutritional reasons, ensuring early uptake.

Maize has the highest energy content of all the cereal crops, containing double the oil content to Wheat or Barley with up to 30{c4b16cffeea83eeca6fb76ff8acf7b78fcca07ddcad51845f1820b90a8ecc89a} of it escaping fermentation. By micronizing or flaking maize we increase its digestibility and make it more available to the young fast growing animal. The inclusion of flaked maize in the feed also increases its palatability.

Alfalfa, as it is high in both protein and digestible fibres. Its structure is ideal for providing optimum “scratch effect” in ruminants. This scratch effect is essential for correct rumen function. The inclusion of alfalfa in our coarse diet ensures digestive upsets are Minimised, without compromising on maximum daily live weight gain.

Unique to our coarse calf mix is the inclusion of a yeast derived product formulated to support gut integrity and promote overall performance which is critical when raising healthy, profitable dairy calves. Studies have shown an increase in DLWG’s and overall long term improved productivity. Also heifers fed on this yeast product contributed significantly more milk in their first lactation when compared with control calves.