Our Company

Born in 2005, New Breed has grown from humble beginnings into a leading competitor in the animal feed industry. Started by a small team of technical sales who were part of the original Pye Farm Feeds Company, the New Breed team have worked hard to establish and grow the company as a customer-focussed, competitively priced supplier of ruminant nutrition products and consultancy services.

New Breed has a team of eight experienced and passionate nutritionists. We are an independent company supplied by some of the largest animal feed manufacturers which means we can offer holistic, tailored packages of products, technical advice and practical experience at competitive prices to support each individual customer. We pride ourselves in this unique hand’s on approach and genuine passion for feeding ruminants which we believe sets us apart from other feed companies, how we source and supply our compounds, meals and blends remains bespoke to each individual customer.

Our size means we pride ourselves in retaining a strong and supportive customer focus but large enough to compete with the biggest players in the industry. We use our wealth of over 200 years of working experience and combine it with knowledge of recent industry developments and innovations to maximise herd quality and productivity.

An example of this in practise has been in the implementation of cow signals, three members of our strong team are Certified Cow Signal Master Trainers. Understanding the concepts of health, management, housing, feed and economics has better allowed our technical advisors to work alongside the farmer to build an accurate profile of the wants and needs of each individual herd. This is combined with sophisticated ration programmes to achieve maximum productivity.