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“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.”


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We are the UK’s Nos 1 Independent Nutritional Company. With over 200 years of experience of supporting and driving our customers to achieve success. Built on our values of honesty, mutual trust and superior knowledge.


New Breed UK the most farmer influential independent nutritional sales company in the UK


  • Honesty
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  • Superior Knowledge

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NB UK is a group of individuals who are united by a passion underpinned on the foundations of honesty, integrity, trust and enthusiasm. We are the provider of solutions for everyday problems ensuring NB UK is the first choice for our customers and suppliers.

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January 2019

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November 2018


September 2018

Cannot fault their service!

We’ve worked with NB UK for 2 years now and cannot fault their service; our contact is Phil Robertson who visits us fortnightly, he looks after our herd’s nutrition and is only a phone call away if needed.
It’s good to work with a company like NB UK who have the same passion for our herd’s well-being and performance as we do

Alan Fisher
West House

Very pleased!

After spending a number of years trying to improve cow performance and feeling like we were standing still, a chat to Mark and Phil at New Breed convinced me to try a different approach to the way we feed our cows.
Two years down the line and very pleased with the way cows are performing with improvement in yield, milk quality, fertility, and the overall health of the herd we are pleased with the decision to switch to New Breed.

John Little

Cow’s milk yield increased!

Mr Ramage, Several Farm, Drummore milks 160 cows calving from August through to April. We have traded with New Breed since they started in 2005,our contact being Martyn Hastings, milk from forage and milk quality are two of the main targets that we aim for, and since New Breed introduced the maize based cakes butterfat and milk protein have increased . We used Maizeline 17 FF last spring and the Maizeline 18-150 in winter and the cow’s milk yield increased by 300 litres in the year

Mr Ramage

Reduced the calving index!

We moved to New Breed UK in December 2015, we are currently milking 160 cows fed on both New Breed blend and their compound Maizeline 18. We monthly milk record and before switching to New Breed we only achieved one recording over 30 litres in twelve months, to now 16 out of the 20 most recent recordings hitting above the 30 litre mark, peaking in May 2017 at 35.3litres.
Not only have yields risen but we have reduced the calving index from 420 days in June 2015 to 396 days in June 2017.

MG and S Harper
West House, Dearham

Very impressed!

We have been working with New Breed UK since 2008, milking around 170 cows. Currently using a NB UK custom blend in the trough alongside the grass silage and Micron treated whole crop wheat. In the parlour we moved onto using the NB UK Stratos 14 since it was developed in 2014. It is aimed to support peak milk yields, fertility and cow health particularly rumen function in high yielding dairy cows. Over the past nine years we have been very impressed with both the service and products that have been invested into our herd and have seen great results

Kevin Lupton
July 18, 20193:40 pm
Forepoint Very interesting question someone thinking outside the box I expect! According to Wikipedia.........Cattle occupy a unique role in human history, having been domesticated since at least the early neolithic age. Archeozoological and genetic data indicate that cattle were first domesticated ...
July 16, 20194:00 pm
Happy 14th Birthday to New Breed!
We're all stuffed with cake now....mmm
July 16, 20198:00 am
Timeline Photos Lots to be done at this time of year but it helps when you get some #goodweather enjoy it while it lasts!
#lancashirefarmers #cumbriafarmers #britishfarmers #dairy #sileage #tractorsinthesun #farming #britishfarming
July 12, 201910:15 am
Timeline Photos New Breed UK Ltd have entered the digital age!
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July 10, 201912:55 pm
New Breed Uk New Breed Uk updated their profile picture.
July 10, 201912:54 pm
's cover photo New Breed Uk updated their cover photo.
July 10, 20198:09 am
August 15, 20181:26 pm
World Milk Supplies
Milk production from the five key exporting regions of the EU-28, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and the US are reported here to monitor trends in milk supplies.
January 15, 201812:32 pm
New Website Coming Soon....!
January 11, 20185:22 pm
CowSignals Training Company What do you see happening in this picture?
New Breed Uk shared a post.
December 18, 20175:51 pm
CowSignals Training Company NB UK Cow Signals Training in Holland earlier this month.
Phil is showing us a new tool to detect lameness and mastitis!

Phil is one of our newest CowSignals master trainers in the UK:
New Breed Uk shared a ...
October 22, 201711:07 am
April 5, 20177:02 am
Posh looking wagon in my yard this morning 👍🏻
May 4, 20169:13 am
2 kgs of blend per cow per day saved by wheeling this 30 year old machine out and carting 30kgs freshweight of grass per cow per day to them. Too wet to turn out!
May 3, 201610:32 pm
Zero grazing at Silloth, grass sample taken today, results back tomorrow
Ian Wozencroft added a new photo to New Breed Uk's timeline — in Wolsty.
September 1, 201511:11 am
Dairy farmer: Becoming a mother makes me fight harder for British milk
Dairy farmers struggling with low milk prices have been forced to protest with 'Milk Bucket Challenges' and campaigns. Farmer Philippa Hall shares her fears
August 27, 20158:18 am
British farmers suffering because of EU's foreign policy, senior official admits
BRITISH dairy farmers are suffering because of the EU's foreign policy, a senior official has admitted – after exports dropped by more than £1 billion last year.
August 26, 20157:55 am
Dairy farmers in talks with supermarket giant
Dairy farmers are due to hold a meeting with Morrisons later to discuss whether to commit to a Milk for Farmers cheese brand. It follows a protest at the supermarket's distribution depot in Bridgwater on Monday night in which ...
August 25, 20158:16 am
NB•UK | New Breed Uk Limited | Independent Nutritionists | Lancaster, Uk Organise your FREE herd health check now!
Independent Farming Nutritionists based in Lancaster, working across the whole of the UK
August 20, 20157:28 am
Dairy Services | New Breed Uk Limited | Independent Nutritionists | Lancaster, Uk Have a look at what dairy services we have to offer!
Independent Farming Nutritionists based in Lancaster, working across the whole of the UK
August 20, 20157:28 am
Global factors put pressure on UK dairy -
Empty milk aisles and live heifers greeted some supermarket customers in the past month, as UK farmers started to protest against what they say are excessively low wholesale prices that chains pay for their milk. Matthew Weaver, one of ...
August 18, 20158:41 am
Tesco to hold talks with dairy farmers after protests over milk imports
Farmers for Action campaigners accuse Britain’s biggest retailer of importing milk to make dairy products rather than using domestic suppliers
August 17, 20157:54 am
Farmers and ministers to hold dairy farming talks - BBC News
The National Farmers Union and government ministers will hold talks in London later over the future of British dairy farming.
August 12, 201511:27 am
Morrisons to create new milk brand for farmers - BBC News
Morrisons is to sell a new brand of milk which will see 10p per litre extra paid to farmers, the company says, following a row over pricing.
July 28, 201511:13 am
UK government comes under pressure to support dairy after French backing
The NFU has called on the British government to provide farmers with similar support and financial backing given by its French counterpart to help secure sustainable milk supplies.
July 27, 20158:36 am
Farmers stage protest on A50 as row over falling milk prices continues
A CONVOY of about 40 tractors caused mayhem on a key route into the Potteries after farmers set out to protest against falling milk prices. British farmers staged a rolling rally across...
July 24, 20158:32 am
Dairy Services | New Breed Uk Limited | Independent Nutritionists | Lancaster, Uk Have a look at what dairy services we have to offer!
Independent Farming Nutritionists based in Lancaster, working across the whole of the UK
July 24, 20158:28 am
Dale Farm profits drop 50%: Boss warns 'this is make or break time for many...
Dale Farm boss David Dobbin has said the group's 50% profits slump is "strong performance against very difficult markets" as the entire industry faces one of the "most ch

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