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  • Weather Change

    Morning October has arrived with a change in the weather! We are expecting a wet week, together with cooler temperatures. Cows will need their supplementary feeding increasing, conserved forage dry matter intakes will need increasing. A long with a careful eye on total energy intakes and energy density. M

  • World Milk Price

    Dairy prices rise for first time since June Dairy prices rose at GlobalDairyTrade auction for the first time in four months, lifted by a strong performance of whole milk powder, and hours after Danone flagged a rebound in values in the former Soviet Union. Dairy prices rose by 1.4{b491821e8fb12552339a34e7afa2f2b736e85cd62fdcd43fc8c3d3874ba814ab} at the second GlobalDairyTrade auction of…

  • NB Evolution Buffer

    Our continual observational development has seen our in house technical team further improve our industry leading rumen buffer. Increasing the phased buffering capacity is at the heart of Evolution buffer. A number of buffers on the market have a neutralising effect, NB Evolution buffer has a powerful buffering capacity.