Janet Piercy

07780 687163

I’m not directly from a farming background, although working in agriculture has been in the family for several generations. My grandfather was one of BOCM’s first ‘travellers’; when he started in 1908 he didn’t have a car he had a 5 bicycles,(click here for more info), he would travel to each area by train then cycle around the farms to get his feed orders. His oldest son, my uncle Harold, became a farm labourer after leaving the Navy in 1946, and in 1950 bought his own farm on Longridge Fell, farming until his retirement in 1989. My father followed my grandfather into the agricultural feed supply industry, initially working as a Feed Rep for Pye Farm Feeds at Lancaster and then T Melling & Son at Tarleton, until as a family we moved to live in the Isle of Man in 1975.

I started working in the accounts office at Pye Farm Feeds in 2002 until 2005; when I was asked to join the team at New Breed UK Ltd, at its conception.

My partner, Steve, and I live close to the coast in Morecambe and we have spent the last 12 years renovating our house and garden, turning it into our ‘forever’ home; we enjoy doing all the renovation work together and share a passion for gardening.

We also have a love of walking and spend many, happy days walking the hills and mountains of Britain.