The New Breed sales team have a long established association with Watson's Seeds going back  to our "Pye" days.  The Castle Range of seeds have a very good reputation in both Scotland and Northern England.  Seeds that are mixed to cope with the weather conditions often found in Scotland should also perform very well in Cumbria and Lancashire.

This year the concern that most of our customers have is going to be the price.  There are genuine shortages of grass seed stocks across Europe.  This acute shortage coupled with strong consumption has lead to a rise in grass seed prices across the trade.  The difficult seed harvest in 2011 across Europe has not helped either.  Watsons forward bought a large tonnage of seed a year ago from key plant breeders to minimise the price increases and also to make sure that the mixtures would not be compromised in terms of varieties.  The role of the any mixture is to maximise animal performance and help ensure your grass production has the potential to more than fulfil your requirements.

Johnny Watsons late Grandfather, John Watson, always maintained that the price of a good seed mixture was roughly the price of a fat lamb at auction and if you track that over the decades he was not far wrong.

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As grass leys get older the percentage of unsown species in the ley increases.  Even after 5 to 8 years the unsown species can account for 40% of the mixture.  An alternative to a full re seed is to over seed with a rejuvenation mixture. The photograph below shows the benfit of rejuvenating an existing ley. This field has never been reseeded,  just over seeded with Watson's Rejuvenation mixture.  This field is the night pasture for dairy cows and the cows are on it every night they are they are out.  In the right hand is rye grass and in the left hand the remaining grasses.  There is roughly a 70/30 split in favour of the rye grass.  This graphically shows the benefit of putting new life into an ageing sword.  To get more details about over seeding with Rejuvenation click on the order button now.


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New Breed are pleased to announce that for the 2012 season we will also be selling the Sinclair McGill range of grass seeds.  It is New Breeds philosphy to offer our customers a choice so when the oppurtunity arose to take on the Sinclair McGill Brand we readily agreed.

Sinclair McGill is probably one of the best known grass seed brands in UK agriculture.  The quality of the seed is legendary and when it comes to grass seed quality their no-compromise approach is simple.  They aim to deliver less weed seeds and more live seeds than any other company.  They are probably the only company with an on site laboratary testing for purity and germination.  Sinclair McGill set their own standards which are greater than both HVS and the EU requirements.  You can be assured of a top quality seed mixture with the Sinclair McGill range.

Because grass plants are vunerable at the early establishment phase most of the mixtures are treatyed with two products - HEADSTART and Integral.  HEADSTART is a wafer thin coating that includes seaweed extract and several trace elements and organic compounds that attract moisture.  In less favourable sowing conditions HEADSTART can result in up to 70% more germinated plants which means that grasses can emerge , on average, 4 days sooner than untreated seeds.  Integral is based on a naturally occurring strain of bacteria which quickly colonise the developing root systems and provcides major benefits in terms of a dramatically improved plant stand and vigour. This in turn can add to significant increases in yield form your new grass leys.  In trials Integral treated seed out performed untreated seed by 72% at Spring and 52% in the Autumn with corresponding increases in both shoot and root length.

Sinclair McGill have different mixtures for different areas of the country.  New Breed will be supplying seed from the Scottish catalogue as we feel these mixtures are more suited to our trading area than the mixtures found in the England/Wales catalogue.

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With the rise in prices of grass seeds some may be tempted not to re-seed.  But before you make that decision, consider the following;

Costs and Benefits of Establishing a GRASS LEY.

1. Establishing a new ley will cost around £200 per acre

2. About 30% of the cost is in the seed (The same as 2008)

3. A good Italian ley will yield 17.5t/ha DM

4. Agood Perennial Ryegrass will yield 15.5t/ha DM

5. It can achieve 18% crude protein

6. A good grazing ley will yield 10t/ha Total DM

7. A poor grazing ley will yield as low as 7t/ha Total DM

8. It is easy to achieve at least an increase of 1ME in a productive ley

9. Good  grazing grass costs around 5.5p/kg Total DM

10. Poor grazing grass costs around 9.5p/kg Total DM

11. Good silage ley can cost as little as 10p/kg DM

12. Poor silage ley can cost 17p+/kg DM

13. Weed grasses build up in older pastures and give poor response to applied Nitrogen which is too expensive to waste

14. Weed grasses are much less palatable to stock (leading to lower intakes) and less digestable resulting in lower production of milk and meat

Sometimes pictures tell the story, these two pictures illustrate why you should re seed.  Both fields cut for 1st cut at the same time, then fertilised together. Hard to believe!



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