Our Dairy Products


Product Diet Type Protein % Energy Sources Protein Sources Megalac Actisaf Description
BG Hi Fibre & Energy 19/18/17/16 Maize ,Sugar Beet , Wheat, Maize Sugar Soya, Distillers, Protected Rape   BG is a high fibre high energy product aimed at maintaining rumen functio.
Megamilk Starch Energy 18/ 16 Wheat,Maize, Maize Sugar Soya, Wheat Distillers   Megamilk is a good starch based diet, though more rumen friendly than most
Elite Balanced starch & Fibre 18/16 Wheat, Sugar Beet, Maize Sugar Amino Pro, Soya, Distillers   Balanced Energy Sources.Excellent for cows being well fed
DP Starch Energy 20/18/16 Wheat, Maize Sugar, Distillers, Rape, Soya     High Starch based diet, for promoting milk production
Stratos Hi Energy  17 Maize, Wheat, Sugar Beet Soya, Protected Rape, Distillers   Hi Energy, promotes rumen function, ideal for out of parlour feeders
Butter Plus 16E Balanced Energy  16 Maize, Wheat, Maize Sugar Soya, Maize Distillers   A digestible fibre product to enhance rumen function and butterfat. Extra Vit E
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