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Dry Silage - Mycotoxin Risk
04 Nov 2014 20 33 PM
posted by John Long

Dry Silage  - Mycotoxin Risk

There are several pits of late made 1st cut silage and some dry 2nd cuts with dry matters ranging from 30-50%. Recently on 2 farm visits both farms were struggling with unstable dry silage. The first was using a shear grab and the face was relatively clean, but when handfuls of dry silage were pulled out they were warm and mouldy. When the thermometer was inserter into the face temperatures of 35-40 degrees Centigrade were observed; hotter than the hottest days of summer.  This farm was feeding a Mycotoxin binder.

The 2nd farm had exactly the same problems in the clamp face, and on this farm the symptoms of mycotoxin toxicity were very evident. A late lactation cow coming up to drying off started to show   swelling in her udder, and shortly after aborted her calf. As we walked round the building the majority of dung pats were normal, but there was evidence of cows with complete scour, another classic sign of mycotoxin problems. Mycotoxin binder will be now put onto into the diet this farm.

If you are having these problems contact your New Breed specialist who will talk to you about Micron Ultrasorb, a powerful mycotoxin binder from Micron.

John Long, November 3rd, 2014


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